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Get Involved

Expressions of Hope serves children in the foster care system and those who love them. We are dedicated to recruiting, encouraging, and supporting those willing to join us on the journey. We are also committed to supporting bio families as they work on reunification. It is an exciting, challenging, and worthwhile adventure!  There are many ways to be involved.  Please check out the opportunities and contact us for more information.

Become a Foster Parent


Open Your Home

Every month in Napa County, 10-15 children, newborn to 17 years old, enter the foster care system. 

50% of these children are placed out of county, removed from their school, community, and everything familiar because we do not have enough homes available.


Their lives are turned upside down and they need a safe and loving home to allow them to regain some sense of normalcy.  Interested in opening your heart and home?

  • Trainings offered quartlery*

  • You do not need to be married or own your home

  • Monthly stipend provided

  • Urgent need for sibling sets, teens, and children with special needs

*Next Training Starts Thursday, February 16

If you are interested in, or you know anyone who is interested in, finding out more about becoming a resource family, please contact the Resource Family Approval (RFA) unit at 707-253-4761 or 

Volunteer Opportunities


Something for Everyone

Expressions of Hope understands that not everyone can be a foster/resource parent, so we provide lots of other opportunities to serve children in foster care.

  • Provide Child Care at Support Group Meetings/Trainings

  • Sort clothes at our resource center

  • Deliver furniture to families

  • Provide tutoring help

  • Help with transportation for visits and appointments

  • Provide a meal for a foster/resource family

  • Provide childcare so foster/resource mom and dad can have a date night

  • Offer your professional services - hair care, yard maintenance, photography, handyman, tech support, etc.

  • Become a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate)

These are just a few examples of ways you can get involved.

Adopt a Foster Family


Don't let them walk alone.

Being a foster-resource/adoptive family can be an extremely isolating experience.

By simply getting to know more about their experiences, challenges, victories, and simply showing up - you can buoy the spirits of a family doing the hard work.

Do you currently know anyone who is or has fostered/adopted?  We encourage you to reach out to them and see if you can bring them a coffee, ask them about their experience, and if there is a way you can help to support them.  

If not, get to know some of the local families who have stepped up to answer this need right here in Napa.  We have plenty of ways that you can wrap around them to ensure they don't feel abandoned.

This is a way that a church or business can partner with Expressions of Hope to efficiently provide what families in crisis need.

Interested in seeing what other programs we have to offer? Stop by today and see what we’re all about.

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