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Programs We Offer

At Expressions of Hope, we’re dedicated to supporting children in the foster care system by making their transition to a Resource family, adoptive family or back to their bio family as smooth as possible.



Something to call their own

Napa County has approximately 125 infants/children/teens that enter foster care each year. There is no way to make the transition into the system easy. They are devastated with strong feelings of loss and grief. Many times they are not able to grab any of their personal or favorite belongings which only adds to their sense of loss. That is why Bags of Hope was created. The foster child is given a backpack with age appropriate items that is their own to take with them into their new foster home. Some of the initial fear and uncertainty is replaced with a sense of comfort and confidence that they have not been completely abandoned. 

Bags of Hope is a practical, non-intrusive way to reach out to children new to the foster care system. 



This bed is just right!

Restoring Hope gives Expressions Of Hope an opportunity to reach into the community by offering gently used beds, couches, dressers, and household items.

We work with social workers and take other community agencies to encourage and support resource, adoptive and bio families with an experience of hope.



Making a Difference One Child at a Time

The job of a resource/foster parent is very challenging. It is also very rewarding. What a resource/foster parent is asked to do is to take in someone else's child and love them, care for them, provide for them, advocate for them, cheer for them, tend to their emotional needs, and help prepare them for reunification with their family or dealing with the greatest loss they can imagine. There is no price tag that can be put on the job/calling of a resource/foster parent.

Living with Hope wants to come along side resource/foster parents and offer some “perks” to make the job a little easier. We want to offer assistance with practical needs as they may occur. The whole idea is to keep the wonderful resource/foster parents we have and make it more feasible for other families who have a desire to foster a child, but see too many barriers.

Your financial assistance will help foster parents continue to build futures for children and give the children the hope they need to become secure, loving children.


Mother Daughter Portrait

Everyone Can Do Something

FUTURE HOPE - Is all about recruiting new "resource/foster parents" and coming alongside those who choose to walk this journey.

Family is a key component of our society and everyone has a deep longing in their heart to experience life in a loving, caring family. In the United States alone, there are over 400,000 children, infants to age 17 who are waiting to be adopted into a forever family. The number of children entering the resource/foster care system is just as staggering. For many, the hope of a family is quickly fading away. FUTURE HOPE is about promoting the needs of resource/foster/adoptive parents and providing resources to help make the process of providing a safe loving home, as smooth and uncomplicated as possible.

Nearly HALF of all Napa County foster kids are placed out of county because there are not enough homes in Napa. LET’S BRING OUR KIDS BACK HOME!

Expressions of Hope works closely with Napa County Child Welfare Dept to assist in the recruitment and retention efforts of Resource parents. (foster parents). 

We are holding quarterly “town hall meetings,” to build awareness in the community and recruit new resource parents. We are actively getting into Faith Based Communities to seek people that may be interested in being a resource/foster parent, but also to find people who are willing to help in other ways.

There are MANY ways to help and become involved!

* Do you cut hair?
* Would you be able to tutor?
* Are you able to babysit?
* Do you have a business or service you could offer to a foster/resource family?
* Can you host a “drive” for Bags of Hope?
* Can you donate food or refreshments for a support group meeting? 
* Can you donate financially?

Will you be our FUTURE HOPE to allow us to continue to care for and support the foster kids we serve?

Our Programs: Our Programs

Do you feel like you have tried everything to help you with the significant behaviors of your ADOPTED CHILD and nothing has worked??


Let us help you! TESS is an Intensive service provision for the entire family that is highly individualized to meet their specific needs, ensures the child's permanent placement in the home and creates an environment that heals the root cause of behaviors.  

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